. More than a quarter of Tanzania is covered by national parks, game reserves and conservation areas making it among the premier safari destinations in Africa and our safaris make use of the many lodges, permanent tented camps, mobile tent locations and camp-grounds available...


We offer three levels of accomodations in order to provide flexible pricing options for our clients.

Mobile Tented Camps:

. Our top level accomodation features small personal bush camps for up to 10 people set in the most beautiful locations Tanzania has to offer...Our mobile tented safaris provide the perfect balance between comfort and adventure, affording all the essentials in services while providing you with the experience of camping in the African bush...Set up by our camp attendants prior to your arrival and situated in secluded settings in Tanzania's wilderness areas and parks, our camps will provide you with some of the best memories of your safari.

. Meals are prepared from fresh produce by a trained cook and served in a separate and spacious dining tent...They include a selection of salads, soups, meats, fish, vegetables, pastas, rice and fresh fruits...A fridge and deep freeze are brought along to provide cold drinks; ice and bottled water is supplied and available at all times. You may be mobile, but your creature comforts are never lacking!

. Our large walk-in tents sleep two people and each are equipped with its own toilet and shower combination, mosquito nets on the doors and windows, rechargeable neon lights, solid wooden beds with foam mattresses, pillows and blankets and feature an awning with chairs for taking in the view...Fresh linens and towels are provided and changed every day, plus the staff can take care of your laundry requirements and are always on hand to attend to your needs as required.

All of the equipment used in our mobile camp is our own and the staff are employed directly by us to insure the quality we strive for!..The idea behind a mobile camp is rooted in the concept of sustainable tourism: "Take only photographs, leave only footprints" and mobile camps do just that...Our clients are able to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of camping in the African bush in the safety and comfort of a modern camp that does not scar the land.

Lodges/Permanent Tented Camps:

. Our mid-range accomodations are affordably priced lodges and permanent tented camps in Africa which are essentially hotels in the bush...They provide most of the amenities found at a hotel (i.e., restaurant, lounge, swimming pool, etc.) while located in scenic locations allowing clients to remain close to nature...They offer the same luxuries you would find in a city hotel with fresh linen, towels/face cloths, good lighting and en-suite bathrooms with flush toilets.

. Permanent tented camps consist of large walk-in tents under a thatched or canvas roof on elevated wooden platforms outfitted with beds, chairs, furniture and an en-suite bathroom with hot and cold water and flushing toilets...They typically provide accommodates for smaller groups (20-30 people) than the lodges.

. Along with a range of lodges and tented camps we also offer accomodations at our own lodge, Oldeani Safari Lodge...Located in the quiet town of Karatu it offers a central location to four of the northern game parks; Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti...The lodge accomodates eight clients and uses current technology, including solar panels, to be as self-sustaining as possible...For more details take a look at our Oldeani Safari Lodge page.

Budget Camping:

. Our budget camps offer a high level of comfort and are similar to the accomodations we provide for expeditions on Kilimanjaro...We provide the guide and cook who will look after all your needs by setting-up camp, preparing the food and providing you with water as needed...We provide double accommodations in high-quality 4-person tents that are tall enough to stand up in...We use camp site facilities when available, else we will provide a mobile toilet and mobile shower.


. Although we specialize in custom trips we do offer some pre-planned safaris which reduce the time necessary organizing your trip...They visit all the major National Parks in northern Tanzania and some of the less known areas... Contact us for current prices and accommodation options.

Savannah & Highlands Safari - 5 days

. The broad grasslands south of Arusha town support the highest concentration of large migratory animals in East Africa outside of the Serengeti...This diverse acacia-savanna ecosystem, based around the patterns of annual migration, has been designated as one of the world’s most biologically outstanding habitats by the World Wildlife Fund...At the height of the rainy season the animals are spread out over an area extending from Tarangire Park in the south, Lake Manyara Park in the west and north to the Kenya border, but during the dry season the animals migrate back towards the only permanent water source in the area...Flowing through Tarangire Park, the Tarangire River is the main refuge for wildlife from the surrounding areas of the Rift Valley between June and October which makes this an ideal time to visit...On this safari we visit this ecosystem plus the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands. ...(see Itinerary)

Grasslands & Highlands Safari - 5 days

. Serengeti Park is part of a world-renowned ecosystem and the stage for one of the most spectacular mass migrations in the world where nearly two million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle move between the Serengeti grasslands and the southern bushlands of Kenya...During the dry season the migration gathers along the western edge of the plains and in the Maasai Mara in Kenya where there is permanent water, but when the short rains begin in November the migration moves back south into Tanzania for the fresh grass that grows on the volcanic soil in the lee of the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands...The herds are in Tanzania from December through May but the highlight occurs in February when they calve on the southern grasslands...On this trip we spend time exploring these grasslands and the montane forests of the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands. ...(see Itinerary)

Savannah, Grasslands & Highlands Safari - 6 days

. We combine our trips to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater Highlands and Tarangire-Lake Manyara ecosystems to showcase the best of what northern Tanzania has to offer. ...(see Itinerary)

Tanzania Safari on foot - 6 days

. On this safari we get out of our vehicles and trek in some of the areas less visited...We include visits to two highland regions, the montane forests of Arusha Park and the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands. ...(see Itinerary)

Tanzania Safari on foot - 7 days

. We add a day to our 6 day Tanzania Safari on foot with a trip to a private reserve on the western slopes of Kilimanjaro...Along with being the most scenic side of the mountain, the west side is used as a corridor by animals traveling between the mountain and Amboseli Park in Kenya so we will see plenty of game on our hike through this area. ...(see Itinerary)

Support Safari

. While the majority of Tanzanians live an agrarian lifestyle, most farms are less than two acres in size making it difficult to rely purely on subsistence farming...Small-scale commercial farming can be a very profitable business in Africa, but it's difficult without irrigation.

Since 1996 a company called KickStart has been making small treadle operated pumps which can be used to pull water from hand-dug wells, streams or ponds and be used to irrigate up to two acres of land...These treadle pumps require no fuel, are easy to use and durable...KickStart has sold over 16,000 pumps here in Tanzania and over 50,000 continent wide.

While these pumps are priced at less than $110 they are still out of reach of many local farmers, but this is where you can help out...A portion of the proceeds from one of our Support safaris purchases a pump and the clients help deliver and install the pump during their visit.

You can read more about these pumps at Kickstart's web site.

  • Experienced Tanzanian driver/guide
  • Park Fees
  • Accomodations
  • 3 meals a day
  • Transportation from the point of pick up to the drop off point (We use new Land Cruisers and Land Rovers on all our safaris which have three roof hatches to maximize the game viewing)


. Three meals are provided a day with hot/cold drinks for breakfast and dinner...The meals include meat dishes, soup, pasta, bread, fruit, plus dessert...On our mobile tented safaris meals are served in a dining tent with a large table and chairs...If you have any special menu requests, please let us know so that we may accomodate you!..We recommend that you bring some of your favorite snacks too.


. On game drives you will be provided with bottled water.


. They are fluent in English and have an in-depth understanding of the culture of our country, it's wildlife and unique environment.

  • cap or hat (for shade)
  • sunglasses

  • (a long sleeve shirt over a t-shirt is adequate for morning and evening game drives)
  • sport shirt or blouse (for dining at the lodges after a day's safari)
  • polypro or wool top (if visiting Ngorongoro Crater)
  • rain parka (waterproof nylon or Goretex)
  • tennis or walking shoes (adequate for short walks and lodge wear)

  • toiletries (enough for your entire trip)
  • sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)
  • flashlight or headlamp
  • towelettes
  • body towel, face towel (for washing up in camp)
  • personal first aid kit
  • insect repellent
  • one one-quart, wide-mouthed plastic bottles

  • binoculars
  • camera and film (enough film for the entire trip)

. We bring a substantial first aid kit on every safari, but we still recommend that you bring a small personal kit comprised of any medications that you think may need...Below are some suggestions, but obviously your preferences and the advise of your doctor should influence your choices.
  • headache, mild pain (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin)
  • upset stomach (Peptobismal, Maalox, Gelusil M or Mylanta; Donnatal for stomach cramps)
  • colds, allergies (cough drops, Sudafed)
  • diarrhea (Imodium or Lomotil will treat the symptom but not the cause; Ciprofloxacin for bacterial dysentery)
  • cuts, bites (Neosporin, Polysporin)

. Alcoholic beverages, staff gratuities and personal equipment... Contact us for current prices and accommodation options.