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Safari in Kiswahili simply means journey – Let AOE take you on the safari Tanzania of a lifetime.

Tourists on safari Tanzania photographing game from the roof of a safari vehicle

A game drive in Serengeti National Park

It’s time to experience a safari Tanzania style! African Outdoor Expeditions allows holidaymakers and adventurers to design their own safari vacation of a lifetime, giving you the flexibility to craft your dream holiday, whether for an individual or group.

From the major National Parks in northern Tanzania to the lesser known parts of the country, you will have the choice of staying at African Outdoor Expeditions’ exclusive safari lodge – situated at Karatu next to Ngorongoro Crater and a short distance from Lake Manyara – or an amazing mobile luxury camp which follows the great migration.

Elephant Calf snuggling up to his mothers leg on safari Tanzania

See the big 5 in Serengeti NP

This is your chance to get up close and personal with wildlife like never before, and African Outdoor Expeditions are proud to present you with these exclusive experiences. From climbing and trekking to birding safaris, trust us to put together a package of activities which provides you with lifelong memories.

To get started with designing and planning your own safari simply fill out our short form detailing what you want to see, when and where you want to see it and your preferred type of accommodation and we will put together a safari package that ticks all your boxes.

A personal service

Allan Philemon Mbaga - Owner of African Outdoor Expeditions who offers Design Your Own Safari Tanzania

Allan (Kiliman) loves to show the beauty of his homeland

Central to African Outdoor Expeditions, also known by his nickname Kiliman. Allan is a man of the mountains and savanna, and respected as one of the best tour guides in the whole of Tanzania, due to his unmatched local knowledge and lifetime spent in the Pare Mountains region of Northern Tanzania and the plains of The Serengeti. The quarter-of-a-century experience provided to African Outdoor Expeditions by Allan – including his wisdom as a naturalist, botanist and ornithologist – makes this the safari Tanzania has been waiting for.

Beautiful Tanzania

Tanzania is a vast country in East Africa – it is actually bigger than the US states of California, Oregon and Nevada combined! Best of all for safari adventurers, it is home to the biggest game reserve on the African continent, as well as the highest peak and deepest lake. This is a nation just begging to be discovered, and over a quarter of its land mass is well preserved as national parks, including the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, Selous Game Reserve and the Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara.

The choice is yours

An oppertunity to stop and talk to a Masai elder at sunset on safari Tanzania

Discover different cultures

If you are the kind of holidaymaker that likes everything to run like clockwork, with as little effort as possible, at African Outdoor Expeditions we totally understand you. That’s why alongside our ‘Design Your Own Safari’ option, we also offer a number of pre-planned safari packages which schedule you an itinerary carefully balanced between action and relaxation.

Start your adventure

It is never too soon to begin dreaming of the experience of a lifetime. Call or email us today and begin planning an incredible safari Tanzania style with African Outdoor Expeditions.

Giraffe looking into camera lens on safari Tanzania
three elephants walking in Serengeti National Park on safari Tanzania
2 Rhino resting in the sand in Ngorongoro Crater on safari Tanzania
Two zebra standing in front of trees in Lake Manyara National Park on safari Tanzania


AOE are your perfect partners for the keen photographer wishing to take some beautiful shots.
25 years guiding professional photographers and film and documentary makers throughout Tanzania make AOE highly experienced at being in the right place at the right time to catch those special shots.

Whether it is on a mountain or in one of our national parks, sunrise or sunset we will go that extra mile to help you capture the shots you want.

What are you waiting for?


By adding the cost of a water pump to your safari you and your group can change the lives of an African family.

While the majority of Tanzanians live an agrarian lifestyle, most farms are less than two acres in size making it difficult to rely purely on subsistence farming. Small-scale commercial farming can be a very profitable business in Africa, but it’s difficult without irrigation.

Kickstart LogoSince 1996 a company called KickStart has been making small treadle operated pumps which can be used to pull water from hand-dug wells, streams or ponds and be used to irrigate up to two acres of land. These treadle pumps require no fuel, are easy to use and durable. KickStart has sold over 16,000 pumps here in Tanzania and over 50,000 continent-wide.

While these pumps are priced at less than $110 they are still out of reach of many local farmers, but this is where you can help out. A portion of the proceeds from one of our Support safaris purchases a pump and the clients help deliver and install the pump during their visit.

You can read more about these pumps at Kickstart’s web site.

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